Youtube – Britishmuzzleloaders – The P53 Enfield-Rifle Musket: The Manual Exercise

En af de andre Youtube kanaler jeg følger er britishmuzzleloaders.
Han beskriver selv sin kanal på følgende måde:

This is an Historical Shooting Channel that features British and Empire Military Arms from the Victorian era (plus or minus, that is). The Baker Rifle, the Enfield, the Snider, the Martini Henry, the Lee-Metford and Lee Enfield. Eventually there will be the a Brown Bess too.

Although the Channel was stared with a focus on the Enfield Rifle-Musket (hence the name), it has grown in scope and I hope that it might be your source for all aspects of using and shooting these fine old firearms in a military context.

Han har to typer af film. Den ene involvere forskellige typer af skydning med britiske militære våben, ofte i uniform og med oppakning.

I den anden type gennemgår han forskellige eksercitsreglementer i en meget stor detalje grad.
Her udner er hans gennemgang af “The Manual Exercise” for P1853 Enfield.