The Danish Exchange at “The War Museum” in Copenhagen.

The danish military have always had an obvious interest in how other armies where doing things. In 1852 the Danish government showed interest in doing an exchange of uniforms and equipment with the US army. For some reason it took a few years before it happened, but in February 1858 the Washington Arsenal collected a full set of infantry and a full set of cavalry equipment. (but no weapons) It all arrived in Copenhagen in July 1858 and the items are today part of the permanent exhibition at the War museum in Copenhagen. (earlier called “tøjhusemuseet”)

Denmark supposedly send two similar sets to the US, but none know how or when they where lost. What make the items unique is the fact that they are all taken from the arsenal at one point in time and an example of how a US soldier would be uniformed and equip in 1858 (if he was issued all the newest stuff). One thing that is missing is “the raincoat”. It fell apart when it was taken out of storage back in 2012.

Back in November 2013 I took some photos of the items with an old digital camera. And the photos have gotten some attention from american reenactores.
(Since I started tracking traffic on this site earlier this year, about 2/3 of all views are from the US looking at the page with the photos.
Found here: now with both sets of photos)

As part of my summer holiday with my wife we visited the museum earlier this month. And I tried to take some new photos with my iPhone. But unfortunately the light from the windows result in a lot of reflection. And this was not as big an issue with the original photes since they where taken on a rainy November afternoon. Not on a sunny July day.
But I thought I share them anyway belowe.

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Hans Christian Heg og 15th. Wisconsin

Så har jeg fået tid til at arbejde på siden igen og forventer at der fra i næste uge igen vil komme nyt indhold.

Men her får I lige en reklame for en (relativt) ny youtube film fra Civil war Digital Digest.

Denne gang om Hans Christian Heg, obersten for 15th. Wisconsin.

15th. Wisconsin bestod af Skandinaver (ca. 80% nordmænd) og er det regiment den danske gruppe jeg er medlem af levendegør.

15th. Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment of Infantry.

15th. Wisconsin Volunteer regiment of Infantry (15th Wisc. Vol. Inf. Regt.) gjorde tjeneste i Unionshæren under den Amerikanske Borgerkrig (1861-1865). Det blev kaldt Det Skandinaviske Regiment, da stort set alle regimentets soldater kom fra Skandinavien. Hovedparten var fra Norge, men der var også soldater fra Sverige og Danmark. Det 15. havde ry for at være et disciplineret, velorganiseret og effektivt styret regiment. Regimentet havde 3 år i aktiv tjeneste, hvor de fik skabt et omdømme som tapre og standhaftige i deres kampe, særligt ved Stone River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca og Pickett`s Mill.

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